Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Evaluation Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product? (created on photo shop)

An example of my audience is a student, Connor Priest from Leicestershire. He currently works at urban outfitters. Jack loves his music and has always taken an interest to the alternative music genre. He listens to bands such as twenty-one pilots, Foals, arctic monkeys and other similar bands. This is the exact music genre / fashion and style type that I am using as the theme for my magazine meaning Connor will be interested in what my magazine has to offer. The audience I am targeting is 14 to 30 year old males; Connor fits this category as a 17-year-old male making him a good audience profile. Connor would come under the Indie Scenesters tribe, as he likes to wear clothes that make him different in a crowd. Also he attends festivals and is attending Leeds festival this year for the first time and hopes to be there again in upcoming years. connor also likes to find new music and has a spotify account which enables him to access a variety of different music and he can search for related artists and find new music that he enjoys.To research for my target audience I used a website called, Chanel 4 UK Tribes and looked at the various types of category’s of people that would potentially read my magazine. I found that “Leading edge” is the category that Connor falls into. The information I have gathered form this research is that these types of people are individual and like to stand out from the crowd. This relates to my magazine as it stands out from the others on the market. Connor regularly goes to see small upcoming bands at the local youth club in search of finding something new. These people also have reputation to bring back the fashion from earlier eras in time such as bringing back the capri trousers from the 50s and Dr Martens. Connor could also be associated with indie scenesters in this way as he likes to wear baggy flared jeans on occasions and other clothing such as bomber jackets and denim trucker jackets. I could use this fashion element for my magazine because it will keep my audience happy when reading it, as they will be able to relate to the magazine. Another thing about Indie scenesters such as connor is that they are attend festivals, so this could be used in my magazine as I could interview bands and also the indie scenesters that have been to a festival like Reading or Leeds or Glastonbury. I then chose Hipsters to be another genre of people who would read my magazine as their dress sense is similar to the type of music featured in my magazine e.g. Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People and Two Door Cinema Club. Also the type of clothing that would be in the magazine because that would also match what hipsters wear. My magazine would be distributed in using paid circulation and customers would have to subscribe to buy the magazine. This is good for my target market as they wouldn't want to buy it from a common store, they would rather use a different method of purchasing it.

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