Monday, 21 March 2016

Evaluation Question 6 . What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product (created using blogger)

In order to create my magazine, I used a range of technology including cameras and computer software. Before starting the coursework, I had a little bit of experience with using cameras and also very limited experience with Photoshop. I found that i did develop a good understanding of the program by just experimenting with it and I soon got the hang of it. I feel this has helped me massively to create a good magazine. I used a Nikon D300 camera with 3 large filter lights inside the studio at school, these lights helped create a better feel for the photos. At first, I only knew the basics of the use of a camera, however I now have a larger understanding of how to use a camera in more depth. After a few photo-shoots, i started to learn the importance in the angles and lighting i needed for my images. I learnt this through looking at pictures from previous photo-shoots as i analysed what could have been better about the images. The lighting i used was easy to set up and easy to use and was easy to move around to get a different angle. Photoshop was the only program i used which to created my magazine with. These were accessible in certain computers around the school but i also used the 30 day free trial i had downloaded on my laptop so that i can spend more time on my magazine. I used a magazine called surface as one of my biggest inspirations and helpline on what my models should look like or wear. I also used this on research on poses to use and experiment with for all the images in my magazine. 

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