Sunday, 20 March 2016

Evaluation Question 7 . Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product (created on blogger)

In comparison from my preliminary magazine compared to my final magazine, there are a lot of clear improvements. The photos I used for my final magazine were a improved a massive amount by using an expensive camera and professional lighting compared to my preliminary task in which I used my phone. The styling of my model improved, so it made the photos look a lot better than the clothing I chose to use in my previous magazine, it made it look a lot more professional. the clothing in my preliminary had logos on them, I tried to avoid doing this in my final magazine as I wanted to make the photos look as simplistic as possible. on my preliminary magazine there was nothing on the cover that would appeal to school students which was the target audience for the preliminary magazine. I had nothing in the photos to suggest that it is a school magazine, as there was no uniform, lanyard or anything educational. Whilst on my final magazine, the fashion, artist and contents all matched my genre really well. The clothes were from high street stores like Zara and Topshop, so the mise-en scene was accurate. This would have attracted my audience as the fashion was similar to what they wear and the contents was similar to what they listen to and are interested about.  The change in style shows the improvements I have made, as I now understand how important these small aspects are to create a better and more realistic product, and shows how I have improved the aspects of mise en scene. As well as my understanding of mise en scene, my camera work has also improved. The photos used for my preliminary magazine were very blurred, which obviously shows that I had little understanding of how to properly used a camera effectively. My photos were also off centre and framed poorly. As well as this, my photos from my prelimenary had shadows as the lighting was not properly set up. When I took the photos for my final piece, I used three proffesional lights to eliminate any shadows and also placed my artist in the centre of the wall so that there was nothing in the background like shadows or corners. I also learnt a lot about the positioning of my model, in my preliminary the model I used was stood still looking directly at the camera, but after my planning and research I found many positions that looked good for the theme of my magazine that I liked and wanted to try for myself which helped my magazine look a lot more professional. This all shows the improvements I have made and how much I have learnt through the process.

I looked at a lot of magazines after making my preliminary magazine when carrying out my research. This helped me see the importance of the text arrangement and also gave me ideas of how to layout my work. My preliminary cover is poorly laid out, as you can see from the picture, the words are placed randomly without any specific measurements and alignments. On the other hand, my final cover text is coloured black against the white background which helps customers read the magazine and the text is laid out well, so that it is attractive and appealing. Also, the title of my prelim magazine was very small and not very eye catching, compared to my final magazine, the text used is very attractive and large enough to catch people’s eye. I also learnt the importance of using a variety of fonts.

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